What's happening here?, originally Wat is dat hier, zeg!, is the first ever comic of Samson and Gert. This comic was distrubuted in 1993.


Short storiesEdit

  • The walkie-talkies

The mayor received a real Chinese vase. He is taking it to Samson and Gert to show it to them. Alberto Vermicelli comes over to Samson and Gert to play a game with his walkie-talkie. However, Gert accidentely drops the walkie-talkie in the vase. Despite his efforts to get it out, he can't reach it. The mayor, however, thinks Alberto is stuck in the vase, because he hears him talk. Samson and Gert must tell the mayor that Alberto is not stuck in the vase if they don't want the mayor to break it.

  • The paper of the village

The mayor has received the right to distribute a newspaper of the village. Samson, Gert, Alberto and Octaaf are asked to be a journalist for the paper. Because nothing exciting happens, Alberto and Octaaf come up with an idea.

  • The bicycle race

Alberto is trying to win a bicycle race.

  • The cricket and the ant

Samson and Gert are doing some chores for the winter, while Alberto is doing nothing at all.