Say Uhm!, originally 'Zeg eens Euh!' was a gameshow broadcasted by the BRT on Friday from 1992 until 1997.

Host and ContestantsEdit

The game as originally hosted by Gert Verhulst, but he was later replaced by Donaat Deriemaaker. The contestants were four well know Flemish personalities.

Sometimes one of them was replaced by Walter Baele, but never as himself, instead he played a character. Other well known personalities like Andrea Crooneberghs and Mark Tijsmans took part in the game once in a while.


  • Round 1

The contestants had to talk about a subject for one entire minute, but there was one word that they weren't allowed to say.

  • The word 'Uhm' was always forbidden.
  • If they didn't talk about the given theme, they lost.
  • If they didn't say anything for longer than five seconds, they lost.
  • If they used the forbidden word they lost.
    • If the forbidden word was ball, than they couldn't say football, basketball...

Each contestants had a buzzer, if they used this, it meant that they had heard one of the above things.

  • Round 2

This is the same as round one, but now their are only two contestants instead of four.


The voice-over was done by Filip Pletinckx.