Plopsaland De Panne is a theme park located near the town of De Panne on the Belgian coast. The park opened on 20 April 2000. Before that date (from 1936 to 1999) the park, created by a honey company, was called Meli-Park and had a bee theme.


Since the foundation of the park in 2000, the figures of the popular Flemish and Dutch figures of Studio 100 can be found. All the attractions have a theme from one of the soaps or musicbands of the group. Attractions include Gnome Plop, Samson and Gert, Piglet and Betsy, Pete Pirate, Wizzy and Woppy, The House of Anubis.

In 2006 3 new attractions were opened: the SuperSplash (in a whole new Pirate zone), the Jump Flyer and a K3 museum. In 2007, Plopsaland De Panne opened a renewed Kabouter Plop-area, with 2 new attractions. In 2008, Mega Mindy got her own zone in the park, with the Jetski's and the Flying Bikes. In 2009 a new roller coaster opened called Anubis:The Ride. In 2011, Mayaland opened a Vicky the Viking-themed zone. A new theater will be built in 2013.

Park structureEdit

The park is divided into several areas:

  • Entrance area
  • Gnome Plop garden
  • Castle area
  • Pirate area
  • Anubis area
  • Wizzy and Woppy area
  • Jump Area
  • The farm of Piglet and Betsy
  • The carnival of Samson and Gert

The park has 5 roller coasters, with no inversions and one new rollercoaster (Anubis:The Ride) with 3 inversions and a launch which accelerates from 0 to 90 km/h in less than 2 seconds. The coaster, "Dongo's Race" (in the Wizzy and Woppy area), opened in 1976 and is the oldest roller-coaster in Belgium. The SuperSplash opened in 2006.