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General Information
Gender: Female
Nicknames: Marlèneke (by Gert)
Nationality: Belgian
Other Information
Hair Color: Blonde
Family & Friends
Family: Unnamed relatives
Relationships: Gert
Jean-Louis Michel
Series Information
First appearance: N/A
Last appearance: N/A

Marlèneke, also known as Marlène, is a fictional unseen character from Samson and Gert. Her face has never been seen, but she is mentioned in almost every episode.


  • Her face has never been seen, but her legs are seen once and her voice was featured once as well.
  • She follows ballet.
    • According to Samson, Marlène is real bad in ballet.
  • She is a majorette dancer.
  • She can ride a horse.
  • Her brother is a loyar.
  • Her (probably older) sister is married.
  • Her sister has two daughters and a son.
  • She is pretty, but not that bright.
  • She is clumpsy.
  • She was going to visit Gert during his Christmas Show, but canceled it because her nails weren't dry.
  • She can become angry very fast and often puts herself in the centre of the attention.
  • So far Malèneke has physically appeared twice. She appeared in the 2008 movie and at the end of the 2012 birthday special. Both times, her face is unseen.


  • In the episode 'Gert's birthdayparty' Gert stated that he didn't know Marlène five years ago. But in the movie 'Panic in the Hotel', it is seen that they were friends when they were kids.