K3 and the Iceprincess, originally K3 en het Ijsprinsesje, is a 2006 movie aimed at children and starring K3 in the leading roles. The movie is still K3's most succesful movie in both Belgium and the Netherlands. Indra Siera returned for the movie as the director of photography.

The storyEdit

One day, Karen, Kristel and Kathleen receive a special invetation from a king and a queen living far far away. The girls are asked to perform at the birthday of the princess, but to get there, they need to come to the land of the fairytales. Once they arrive, the princess doesn't seem impressed by their songs and reacts as a spoil brat towards the girls. But, the girls hear a sad story about the princess. Turns out that she is cursed. Full of pity, the girls decide to help the princess. But they are alone, because nobody is allowed, to leave his or her fairytale.



  • Minoun Ouled Radi was cast as Aladdin after his succes in a humor competition.
  • In the credits, Aladdin was spelled Alladin.
  • Lack and Key are both a lackey.