K3 Dangles, originally K3 Bengeltjes, is the fourth movie in the K3-franchise, but the first to be directed by Bart Van Leemputten.

The StoryEdit

Karen, Kristel and Josje are extremely happy, because their nieces are finally coming over. But, once those nieces arrive, everything starts going wrong. The girls realises that their nieces are spoiled brats.

High up in heaven, the Main Angel has also seen the bad behaviour of the little girls, so he asks his new clumpsy helper to turn them into Dangles. Because Dangles must stay good for 24 hours in a row, if they don't want anything bad to happen. Unfortunately, the clumpsy helper, turns the K3-girls in Dangles. They learn real quickly, that not being naughty is harder than it seems.



  • This is the first film to star the new K3.