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Anubis 2
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Nicknames: Anubis
Nationality: British/American
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Cast: Brad Kavanagh
Jade Ramsey
Nathalia Ramos
Ana Mulvoy Ten
Alex Sawyer
Burkely Duffield
First appearance: House of Secrets
Last appearance: The Touchstone of Ra
Other versions: The House of Anubis
The House of Anubis
Anubis Unlocked

House of Anubis is a British-Belgian-American TV Show, filmed in Liverpool, which follows a group of ten teenagers, who live together in Anubis House (named after the Egyptian god, Anubis), an early 1900s-era building that currently serves as a boarding house for an elite boarding school in the United Kingdom. It was shown on Nickelodeon and TeenNick. It is based on the Dutch show, Het Huis Anubis.

Production HistoryEdit

Originally, the show began production in August 2009 under the name Anubis House. The show was sold to Nickelodeon in March 2010. The season was completely refilmed from July 2010 to December 2010 and it premiered on January 1, 2011 in the United States. The season finale aired on February 19, 2011 in the United States. On February 25, 2011, House of Anubis premiered in the UK. 

On March 10, 2011, Nickelodeon announced the second season of House of Anubis at its Annual Upfront. It was announced that a new character named Eddie Miller would join the cast, as portrayed by Burkely Duffield. On July 21, 2011, production for Season 2 began in Liverpool. The season was filmed from July 2011 to January 2012. On January 7, 2012, season 2 premiered in the United States. The season consisted of 45 half-hour episodes and the season finale aired on March 9, 2012. 

Season 3 of House of Anubis was first announced on April 16, 2012, which was the same day of the Season 2 premiere in the UK. Nathalia Ramos confirmed that she would not return for season 3 because she wanted to focus on school and finish college. On July 16, 2012, Bobby Lockwood confirmed that he would not return for season 3 of House of Anubis, but he would star in the new CBBC series called Wolfblood, which would premiere later that year. On that same day, it was announced that a new character named KT Rush would be introduced in season 3 and she would be portrayed by Alexandra Shipp. On July 26, 2012, it was announced that another new character named Willow Jenks would be introduced; portrayed by Louisa Connolly-Burnham. Production began in July 2012 and ended in February 2013. The season premiered on January 3, 2013 in the United States. The season finale later aired on April 11, 2013. On April 15, 2013, the season premiered in the UK. The season ended in the UK on June 7, 2013. On May 21, 2013, Nickelodeon UK announced the first House of Anubis special The Touchstone of Ra, which was set to air on June 14, 2013 in the UK. On May 30, 2013, Nickelodeon USA announced that the special would air on TeenNick on June 17, 2013.

No official word has been announced on a fourth season. Tim Hopewell, director of the series, began hinting at a fourth season on August 14, 2013 via his Twitter account. He encouraged the fans to demand a fourth season from Nickelodeon, using Young Dracula as an example of how fans could bring back a show after its cancellation. The demand for season 4 began on August 16, 2013 with Tim Hopewell playing a major role in the demand of the project. On December 18, 2013, Tim Hopewell reminded fans to keep the faith, saying "it's not long now." 

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Season 1Edit

  • Nathalia Ramos
  • Brad Kavanagh
  • Jade Ramsey
  • Ana Mulvoy-Ten
  • Bobby Lockwood
  • Tasie Dhanraj
  • Eugene Simon
  • Alex Sawyer
  • Klariza Clayton

​Season 2Edit

  • Nathalia Ramos (Final Season)
  • Brad Kavanagh
  • Jade Ramsey
  • Ana Mulvoy-Ten
  • Bobby Lockwood (Final Season)
  • Tasie Dhanraj
  • Eugene Simon
  • Alex Sawyer
  • Klariza Clayton
  • Burkely Duffield (First Appearence)

Note: this was the last appearence of Nathalia Ramos, Roger Barclay and Bobby Lockwood.

Season 3Edit

  • Klariza Clayton
  • Louisa Connolly-Burnham (First Season)
  • Burkely Duffield
  • Brad Kavanagh
  • Tasie Lawrence
  • Ana Mulvoy-Ten (Final Season)
  • Jade Ramsey
  • Alex Sawyer
  • Eugene Simon
  • Alexandra Shipp (First Season)
  • Bobby Llockwood (Guest appearance)

Note: this was the last appearence of Ana Mulvoy-Ten

Reccuring CastEdit

  • Francis Magee as Victor Rodenmaar
  • Mina Anwar as Trudy Rehmann
  • Paul Anthony-Barber as Eric Sweet
  • Susy Kane as Caroline Denby
  • Daniel O'Brien and John Sackville as Robert Frobisher-Smythe
  • Jake Davis as Dexter Lloyd (Touchstone of Ra)
  • Roxy Fitzgerald as Cassie Tate (Touchstone of Ra)
  • Kae Alexander as Erin Blakewood (Touchstone of Ra)
  • Claudia Jessie as Sophia Danae (Touchstone of Ra)
  • Junix Inocian as Hector Cornelian (Touchstone of Ra)
  • Roger Barclay as Rufus Zeno


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