Joannes Royaards
General Information
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 20
Birthplace: Antwerp
Nationality: Dutch
Other Information
Family & Friends
Family: Ben Royaards
Lea van Laar
Willem Royaards
Jacqueline Sandberg
Jules Royaards
Series Information
Character: Roger
First appearance: The foam flood
Last appearance: N/A

Joannes Jacobus Royaards (Antwerp, July 20, 1951), best known as Hans Royaards, is a Dutch actor, writer and director who happens to work in Belgium.

He portrayed Roger The Soaper in Samson and Gert and Ricardo in Amika. He also appeared as Bob in an episode of Mega Mindy. Other Studio 100 shows he appeared in are Hello Belgium and Jump.

Private lifeEdit

Royaards is the son of  Dutch actor and director Ben Royaards and Lea van Laar.