Gnome Plop, originally 'Kabouter Plop', is a fictional live-action programme for children produced by Studio 100. It is the second series made by the Studio 100 producers, but the first one since the existence of the company. The show started in 1997.

The showEdit

The show is directed by Bart Van Leemputten and exist out of short episodes of five minutes each.  Most of the episodes are set in Plop's Milk inn (a toadstool in which he lives) or in the Gnome forest. The series often features jokes and pranks by the naughty gnome Klus (translated: Chore). Each of the episodes starts with Plop lying in his bed telling about the events of the past day. Most of the episodes contain a moral. The episodes end with Plop saluting the little viewers, saying that he will sleep now.


Currently, new episodes are not made, but they still go on tour with their shows, and almost every year, a new movie is made.


The Flemish show is broadcast in Flanders and the Netherlands. There it runs in its original form, while in Germany and Spain, there are broadcasts of dubbed versions of the show. Named 'Kabauter Plop' and 'Plop el Gnome' respectively. In France and Wallonia there is a dubbed version, but also a remade version with French actors. There it is broadcasted under the name 'Lutin Plop'.



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