Geert Hoste (Bruges, July 1, 1960) is a Flemish cabaret performer.

Since 1993 Geert Hoste is one of the most successful theatre authors and performers in Flanders. His entire works have been filmed and aired on television and radio. His books and DVDs are scoring high in the bestseller lists. His one-man shows are often attended by thousands of spectators and his television shows score more than one million viewers (Dutch speaking Belgium counts approx. 6 million people).

He started his career in 1978 as a mime on the streets. His act was soon discovered by some local journalists and he received an invitation to perform an act at a few festivals.

After the premiere of his mime solo "Vlaas is zot" (Vlaas is crazy) in 1983, Hoste was approached by the BRT (Belgian Radio and Television) with the request to cooperate on a new children's programme for Sesame Street.

In 1986 Geert Hoste was conscripted into military service in the parliament.

In the 1990s Geert Hoste made shows for VRT Radio 1 and Radio 2. He was even asked to make programmes for the German public broadcaster Westdeutscher Rundfunk.

In his one-man shows he gives a political overview of the past year, with special attention to the Belgian royal family. The shows are elongated sketches without the use of music or other theatrical forms.